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Post  shango1963 on Wed Sep 09, 2009 4:32 pm

Greetings To Colleaques/Core Team,

As a member of the 103rd. Security Command, let me first welcome our newest members and visitors alike. Welcome one and all.

Here at Omega Fleet, we encourage discourse and interaction between members and guests, and we open our doors as a gateway into Federation affairs the "Omegan" way.

All views, which are respectully posited, are encouraged here. We believe we grow all the stronger by encountering views, even differing perspectives, and have launched this base as a means to further Federation interests.

That said, we encourage all participants to ground their commentary in a courteous atmosphere. Please be mindful of the thoughts and feelings of others, and leave personal issues/politics elsewhere.

The site conduct policies shall be applied as procedures require, and formats are in place to maximize the smooth interpersonal interactions the Fleet demands.

Enjoy your stay, but stay with respect and consideration for your fellow participants.

I am not speaking as a Core Team member, but as a responsible member of the Fleet and a member of our conduct "satisfaction" divisions (lol).

S.A. Shango B. Ogunkeye
103rd. Security Command-Intelligence division


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Post  Rowan Starfire on Thu Sep 10, 2009 8:56 pm

This post was moved due to it being appropriate for all members and visitors alike. And Ten Forward can not be viewed by Visitors.

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Rowan Starfire
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