Crew of the USS Lusitani NCC 78843

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Crew of the USS Lusitani NCC 78843

Post  mdacunha on Tue Sep 22, 2009 8:29 am

USS Lusitani NCC 78843 - Defiant Class (Refit)

Commanding Officer: Captain Hegh - Klingon Male
XO: Commander Tu'Sno - Vulcan Male
Security Chief: Lieutenant Commander Da Cunha - Human Male
Chief Medical Officer: Lieutenant Commander Hasvian Vox - Female Trill/Joined-Female
Chief Engineer: Senior Lieutenant MacGregor - Human Male
Tactical Officer: Senior Lieutenant Agripa - Romulan Male
Navigation Officer: Junior Lieutenant Taras - Andorian Female
Science Officer (auxiliary, as this is a combat vessel): Junior Lieutenant "Zex" - Xelatian Female

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