Crew Of Uss-cassini NX- 750526

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Crew Of Uss-cassini NX- 750526 Empty Crew Of Uss-cassini NX- 750526

Post  uss-cassini on Tue Sep 22, 2009 6:06 pm

crew compliment:243
class:nebula (sensor varient)
registry:750526 (NX)

Icreased warp velosity, warp 9.7 achievable, cruise factor of warp 6.275
sensor varience, for maximum efficiency for the use in the MACO's assult group.

Crew of the USS Cassini

Captain: stephenie Gray (human / betazoid hybrid)
First Officer: tshomaz pchiesh (male )
Tactical Officer: tuvix (male vulcan)
Science Officer: masle kepsnech (trill, male sybiote)
Chief Engineer: el hovles delnos (female human / klingon hybrid)
Medical Officer: elizibeth armstrong (Female Human)
Helmsmen: johnathon mathews (male human)
Ship counsellor: eselma leafnish (betazoid) (empathic)

standerd away team layout:
Stephenie: commander of the mession
tuvix: tactical managment
ensign letnosf: vast knolage of alien weaponary, history
luitennant JG tesla vendigras: advanced diplomacy skills
OPEN: tactical "asset"
OPEN: Location tracker

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