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103rd Security Division Empty 103rd Security Division

Post  Rowan Starfire on Mon Nov 23, 2009 1:47 pm

The 103rd Fleet Security Division has two branches. The first of these branches being the Intelligence Office, and the second the Judge Advocate Generals office (JAG). Fleet Security falls under the Admiral/General of Security. The Fleet Security Commodore oversees both Branches. Fleet Security has two ranks, Security Agent (SA) and Security Agent in Charge (SAC).


SA’s working on Intel will be the information gather agents of the fleet. They will be assigned specific tasks from the Admiralty in addition to general exploration and intelligence gathering. All SA’s are tasked with monitoring the STO forums and the Omega fleet private forums for proper conduct from fleet members and any unusual activity.


SA’s working in the JAG office will be dealing with assisting the Admiralty with internal investigations and insuring professional conduct within the fleet. They can be asked to make investigations into In-game events and private forum events.

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