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24th MACO Division Empty 24th MACO Division

Post  Rowan Starfire on Mon Nov 23, 2009 2:25 pm

MACO Description & Basic Requirements ***tentative***
MACO's --What are they? none of your buisness

"The MACOs (an acronym for Military Assault Command Operations) is a military organization in service in the Federation from the 2150s through the late 24th century. The MACOs (pronounced "MAY-ko") operate in tandem with Starfleet personnel. This allows them the freedom to operate outside of the direct chain of command. Though they are afforded this freedom, on board a Starfleet ship, they accept orders from the captain and the command staff.

MACOs have similar training and tactics as the special forces of a number of member nations of United Earth (the US Navy SEALS, Delta Force, Army Rangers, Marine Force Recon, Special Air Service, etc), and their rank insignia is similar to that of the U.S. Marine Corps. Their operation aboard Starfleet vessels is comparable to that of the U.S. Marines on board U.S. Navy vessels in the 20th and 21st centuries. "

In Omega Fleet, MACO's act as a special strike force, or better known as "Special Forces" And aid the fleet in any way the Admirals see fit, mostly working along side the 74th Tactical Division, MACO's are heavy PvP, but will also participate in PvE activites to aid the fleet as a whole.

Should you be intrested in becoming a MACO, contact any MACO squad leader, or the MACO commander, Rowan Starfire

***STO Character Requirement-- MACO specific*** *note these requirements could decrease once the game is released and we have a better understanding of what skills will be vital to being a member of MACO*
STO Melee Skill:
>All MACO members must begin mastering this skill

Conn, Colonel
"Eagle" Squad Commander, MACO, 24th Div.

---Approving Authority for Publication as Omega/MACO Doctrine:

Rowan Starfire, General
"Sharks" Squad Commander
24th MACO Div. Commander

24th MACO Division 2i8j6a9
Rowan Starfire
Rowan Starfire

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