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Post  Warrick_Farrior on Mon Nov 23, 2009 3:35 pm

The duties of this division serves its purpose in two roles--to seek out new worlds, contact alien life and to understand knowledge on a scientific, cultural, technological and archaelogical level. What you find and learn must be brought back for our support groups to study.

This division also serves for those looking to also gain prestige in the matters of diplomacy. Sustaining current and establishing new relations. However this is for those looking to serve that role in that capacity if they choose to. It will also be likely to keep you close to home early on to ensure current alliances are safe from being compromised by outside forces, but you will be able to perform other exploration tasks and possibly find new allies.

If you're not interested in the additional tasks of politics and just interested in just exploration, then you are committed to performing deep space assignments that others will not yet perform that will often times take you far away from nearby Federation territories. However, if diplomacy presents itself, don't let it to be a missed opportunity or atleast send a message back to the fleet and someone in the division will be assigned to carry out the diplomacy task with the planet that you discovered. You will be obligated to report everything you encounter and possibly understand the sector in where ships have yet to venture out to. So if this is your intent, then let me know by either posting it here, or send me a PM.

However, the risk is if you choose the deep space assignments, you may not get a great deal of help should you find yourself in a situation where you may be outnumbered. But with other ships out and about, hopefully help won't be too far away. Try not to be a hero by going for glory that may get you killed. Plus you likely will have to get the proper ship to uphold to the task since you will be a long way from home. You will also be given a duration time to ensure that you can come back to the homefront.

One aspect that we all will adhere by is "first contact". Observe and record but avoid too much interference in the society. But you can perform first contact as long as you blend in with the society and learn as much as you can.

Also, we are obligated to offer aid where, when and if asked. We are also, though generally it may be a task for those involved in diplomacy a bit more frequently, to offer escort if necessary and to engage in negotiations which might involve trade.

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