Crew of the USS Raven NX-70304

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Crew of the USS Raven NX-70304 Empty Crew of the USS Raven NX-70304

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Bridge Crew:
Captain: Falek "Scooter" Grange (Human Male)
First Officer: Commander Scott "Jethro" Patterson (Human Male)
Ship Counselor: Lieutenant Noni Rassin (Betazoid Female)
Helm Control: Lieutenant Robert "Shifty" Trenta (Human Male)
Medical Officer: Lt Commander LaNay Branda (Human Female)
Operations Officer: Lieutenant Ruvia (Vulcan Female)
Security Officer: Lt Commander Torgos (Vulcan Male)
Engineering Offiecer: Lt Commander Jacob Novick (Human Male)

Affiliation: Federation
Name: USS Raven
Registry: NX-70304
Type: Enhanced Deterrence Explorer - uprated
Class: Sovereign Refit
Constructed: 2392
Commissioned: 2395
Refit Date: 2402
Status: Active

- Length: 685m
- Width: 240m
- Height: 87m
- Mass: 3,500,000 Metric Tons
- Decks: 24
- Crew: 700
- Warp Drive: Class 10
- Normal Cruising speed: Warp 8
- Maximum Cruising Speed: Warp 9.9
- Maximum Warp Speed: Warp 9.99 for 36 Hours

Offensive Systems:
- 16 Type XII Phaser Arrays
- 1 Fwd Rapid Fire Quantum Torpedo Tube - 4 rounds per second
- 2 Fwd Type 4 Burst Fire Photon Torpedo Tubes
- 2 Aft Type 4 Burst Fire Photon Torpedo Tubes
- 2 Fwd Standard Photon Torpedo Tubes
- 2 Aft Standard Photon Torpedo Tubes
- 200 Quantum Torpedoes
- 400 Photon Torpedoes

Defensesive Systems:
- Auto-Modulated Shields
- Heavy Duranium/Tritanium Double Hull plus 10 cm Ablative Armor
- High Level Structural Integrity Field

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