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Crew of the USS Visby Empty Crew of the USS Visby

Post  Corvex on Thu Dec 24, 2009 5:29 pm

These stats/crew names/members may change depending on what it is like in-game

Name: USS Visby
Registry: NX-2001
Class: Excelsior class (Refit of the old NX-2000)
Stationed: Omega Fleet border Starbase

Crew: 300 crew members, 50 scientists

Short and discrete (Other information may only begiven to Omega Admirals)

The HMS Visby from Sweden in the early 21st century was a state of the art stealth ship which gave Sweden a new place in the world as military ship builders.

Now it's predecessor works the other way, it's a counter espionage and countercloak ship, perfect in battles against Romulans and the risen threat from the Klingons.


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